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Pizza Hut is a la carte only-additional items will be charged a la carte prices.  

Lunch meals include an entrée, vegetable, fruit, and a choice of low-fat or non-fat milk.   A la Carte items are available for an extra charge and choices vary by school.

Conroe ISD participates in the Offer vs Serve meal service and is regulated by the USDA. This requires students to make their own food choices. Five components are offered daily at lunch (Protein, Vegetable, Fruit, Grain, Milk) and students must choose 3 components to make a $2.75 meal. Of the 3, 1 must be a fruit or vegetable.

Breakfast meals include an entrée, fruit/juice, and milk.  At a minimum, students must select an entree and juice/fruit or an entree, juice/ fruit and milk to make the $1.25 meal.  Students must select a fruit/juice with the $1.25 meal.

Teachers/Staff are not allowed to make food choices for the students.