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All students in CISD have been issued a six-digit ID number.  All Campuses are equipped with computerized point-of-sale stations where students enter their assigned ID number or swipe a card in order to access their accounts.  This number stays with the student when they transfer between campuses.  Parents may contact the cafeteria manager if they would like to restrict their child's a la carte purchases or set daily spending limits.

Parents are welcome to eat  with their child in the cafeteria; however, pre-paid money on student accounts cannot be used for non-student meals.  The software system used will not allow this.  Cash or checks are accepted for parent meals.  
Parents are encouraged to prepay for their child's meals. Prepayments can be made on-line using the direct link on the homepage or go to https://www.myschoolbucks.com/.  Please allow up to 48 hours for payments to be applied to students' accounts. There is a $1.95 charge per transaction to use the on-line payment system.

Prepayments can also be made in the cafeteria before classes begin. Checks and prepayment envelopes with cash should include the child's name, ID number and grade to ensure crediting to the proper account. Checks should be made payable to CISD Child Nutrition and include Drivers License # and Date of Birth.

CISD allows students to charge meals if there is no money available for a meal.  Parents can obtain account balances using MySchoolBucks and Parent Access.

For account refunds, account transfers, or questions concerning myschoolbucks, please contact Kris Wageman at (936) 709-8185 or kwageman@conroeisd.net

Effective October 13, 2009
In the event that a check written to any Conroe ISD cafeteria or District Office is returned unpaid by your bank, Conroe ISD or it's agent (Paytek) will redeposit your check electronically.  Additionally, you understand and agree that we may electronically collect a returned check fee of $30.00 plus applicable sales tax.  The use of a check for payment is your Acknowledgement and Acceptance of this policy and its terms.  You may reach Paytec at (800) 641-9998.  If you have a returned check, we cannot accept checks from you for the remainder of the school year.

Any discrepancies on student accounts must be brought to the attention of CISD Child Nutrition within 1 month of the transaction in order to obtain a refund.  No refunds will be given for purchases more than 1 month after the transaction.